Oh How Things Change! (No Excuses Anymore)

Catherine S. (Austin, TX)

I worked with Diana through her 12 week program because I wanted to lose my baby weight and get in shape again (1 & 1/2 years after baby!), and I cannot say enough good things about my experience with her. I not only lost weight, but more importantly, early on Diana helped me go from making excuse after excuse and generally feeling defeated and pessimistic, to completely empowered, optimistic and KNOWING I was capable of getting in shape again. That was huge and changed everything for me, and I couldn’t have done it without Diana’s guidance, humor, and ability to see (and make ME see) what was really going on. My husband even commented on my new attitude, outlook and go-getter attitude after that breakthrough!

Through a bunch of different exercises, Diana helped me get out of my OWN way and take charge of my health.

I also loved how many easy healthy meal ideas and recipes she gave me to help meal plan for my family, which was something I really needed help with. I no longer dread meal planning each week and have a bunch of go-to healthy recipes that don’t...


Lost 10 lbs and Feeling Free!

Landry J. (Austin, TX)

I felt like I knew all the answers already: eat less, exercise more. Despite those efforts, I was deeply exhausted, suffering weekly migraines, and continuously had energy spikes and plummets all day long. I was miserable. I felt desperate, but I wasn't hopeful regarding the outcome because nothing had worked in the past.

In less than 10 sessions, I accomplished my biggest goal of trusting the Lord more, which gave me a renewed confidence to take a leap of faith I had been avoiding. This resulted in a huge life change for me that seems to have literally taken weight off my body.

Additionally, I reached my other goals to eat less chocolate and to lose 10 lbs. I've had at least 85% less sugar in my diet for over a month, zero migraines in a month, and I've lost 10 lbs. I am sleeping much better, and genuinely happier and more" free."

I am not sure how or why Diana helped me in the biggest and smallest ways, but I am so grateful for those sessions and could not recommend working with her more.


No More Migraines!

Megan F. (Briarcliff, TX)

The 90 Day Program really has changed the way I view my health in a positive, long-term manner. Mainly, that choosing to be active and eat in a healthy manner provides me with MORE choices, rather than limiting me. Previously, when I would think about healthy eating, I would mainly think about all the things I COULDN'T eat and feel deprived. Now, with Diana's help, I understand that there are lots of options available that are just as tasty, but that also provide me and my family with the nutrition necessary for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

How amazing is it that these changes have significantly reduced my migraines? I have been to numerous doctors, had all manner of tests administered, and tried all sorts of prescription drugs, but the best preventative I have found has been a heart healthy diet and a steady routine of yoga.


Changed Me For The Better

Kristen R. (Austin, TX)

With Diana’s help I was able to begin the healing process in many areas of my life. I was avoiding so many issues that had taken control, but now I am able to identify those concerns and deal with them. Whenever I needed guidance or a confidant, Diana was there for me with understanding and kindness. I never felt judged or ashamed, but she does have the backbone and compassion to move me forward in the direction of self-reliance.

Diana taught me many different ways to cope with stress which often triggers my vices. With these new coping techniques I feel confident now when facing adversity; I can apply these strategies in any area of my life, and they have proven useful time and again.

I know with all of my heart that my time with Diana changed me for the better, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is experiencing turmoil in their lives. I still have room to grow, and I still have changes to make. But with Diana’s guidance and encouragement...


Big Results in One Week

Bob S. (Beaumont, TX)

The "Reset" takes some effort, but it's been quit sometime since I felt this good. Cooking with whole foods requires a little more time and creativity, but by the second day the bloating and overall discomfort I was experiencing was relieved to a large extent. The food was good, and I was not hungry. By day 5, I felt like I had more energy throughout the day and wasn't crashing at 3pm. The "Reset" taught us a lot about the right way to eat all the time.


One Simple Change At a Time

Emily H. (Austin, TX)

Working with Diana was a great experience. I came to her looking for some pretty big changes to my lifestyle with a pretty aggressive timeline. She helped me understand and truly live out one small change at a time. Those changes have been sustainable, and I'm in a much better place on my path to living a healthier life for myself and my family. I would highly recommend working with Diana toward your goals! Get ready to be held accountable and put in the hard work to make change happen for yourself!