No More Migraines!

Megan F. (Briarcliff, TX)

The 90 Day Program really has changed the way I view my health in a positive, long-term manner. Mainly, that choosing to be active and eat in a healthy manner provides me with MORE choices, rather than limiting me. Previously, when I would think about healthy eating, I would mainly think about all the things I COULDN'T eat and feel deprived. Now, with Diana's help, I understand that there are lots of options available that are just as tasty, but that also provide me and my family with the nutrition necessary for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

How amazing is it that these changes have significantly reduced my migraines? I have been to numerous doctors, had all manner of tests administered, and tried all sorts of prescription drugs, but the best preventative I have found has been a heart healthy diet and a steady routine of yoga.