Lost 10 lbs and Feeling Free!

Landry J. (Austin, TX)

I felt like I knew all the answers already: eat less, exercise more. Despite those efforts, I was deeply exhausted, suffering weekly migraines, and continuously had energy spikes and plummets all day long. I was miserable. I felt desperate, but I wasn't hopeful regarding the outcome because nothing had worked in the past.

In less than 10 sessions, I accomplished my biggest goal of trusting the Lord more, which gave me a renewed confidence to take a leap of faith I had been avoiding. This resulted in a huge life change for me that seems to have literally taken weight off my body.

Additionally, I reached my other goals to eat less chocolate and to lose 10 lbs. I've had at least 85% less sugar in my diet for over a month, zero migraines in a month, and I've lost 10 lbs. I am sleeping much better, and genuinely happier and more" free."

I am not sure how or why Diana helped me in the biggest and smallest ways, but I am so grateful for those sessions and could not recommend working with her more.