Essential Oils

My friends and family often hear me say I feel like they are mother nature's multi-vitamins and medicines. There are so many different oils out there that help our body's natural response to fight off germs, heal itself, or just simply relax. It doesn't hurt that most of them smell divine, so you have the added bonus of making your whole office or home smell good. As a holistic health coach, I love suggesting these oils as another aspect of adopting a strong body and healthy lifestyle.

I am happy to report that my family stays pretty healthy, and we rarely need to take a child to the doctor (twice a year on average), and they do go to day care and are around other kids. I attribute their strong immune systems to diet, sleep, and essential oils. There's not one "fix" for having a strong, healthy body, but it's the combination of healthy living choices that will keep you strong. Essential oils are a huge asset for our family, and I love sharing how people can benefit from them because I do believe they are and can be an asset for everyone.

I have chosen to use Young Living oils due to the Seed to Seal process that produces the highest quality oils out there. It's really important to me that I'm using oils that haven't been "watered down" and are the purest, therapeutic-grade oils out there.

How Can I Get These Oils?

You can buy them online by creating a retail or wholesale account. The type of account you use to buy your oils is just a personal preference.

For most people, I recommend buying wholesale (it's like Costco or Sam's, but there's no yearly fee!) because you're paying 24% off retail prices. For me...there's no question here, but to each his own! Here are some things to note about wholesale accounts:

  • Your membership is only purchased once in a lifetime, and you get the most amazing starter kit for your membership! It has a dozen oils to help you get started in your journey, and you cannot beat the price! The oils last a long time, so this is the BEST deal (plus you get a diffuser if you choose the Premium Starter Kit)!
  • You aren't required to make a certain amount of purchases or spend a certain amount whenever you order.

No matter which account you create to get your oils, I want you to know you'll also have access to a badass community via Facebook, consisting of new and old mamas, pros and novices with the oils, and great banter revolving around all things oily. ;) I love these people because they give me great ideas about how to use the oils, and if I'm experiencing an ailment, I can hop on and see if anyone has had any luck using the oils to aid their body in remedying the issue. I'M A BELIEVER, I WANT IN!

If you have any questions or want to chat about what would make the most sense for you, just email me at diana@dianahealthcoach.com.

Questions About Signing Up For Young Living