Total Transformation: What To Eat

Just because someone tells you a food or behavior is healthy doesn't mean it's healthy for YOU or your body. We are all created and wired differently, to the very last fiber of our beings. So really, we are NOT all created equal. How's that for something to digest today?

The second aspect of the Total Transformation 90-Day Program is figuring out what to eat for your unique body type. This is my favorite part of the program, honestly, because it resonates with me so much! This was and is, by far, the most significant dimension of my health journey to date. When I cut out gluten, my body went through some major changes for the better. I became stronger, 25 pounds lighter, gained energy, and wasn't having digestion issues anymore. Hello, game-changer!!

I had always made a conscious effort to eat healthy nutritious food, but I didn't realize I needed to make some accommodations for my individual body. I had a unique past that I wasn't considering, so the current state my body was in (at the time) couldn't process certain foods. I needed to repair my body, and when I figured out how to do that, it functioned at a higher capacity that I didn't even realize was possible for the body I had been living in for so many years.

Not only do you need to consider where your body is and how it's functioning right now, you also need to realize that the way it was originally created/wired determines what types of foods it burns fastest. Some bodies burn fat best, while others may need more carbs (natural carbs) or protein.


There are a few different ways we could determine what to eat for your body. If you are willing to be curious and experiment, it may even prove to be a fun process! Curiosity is the key here. It makes everything you do guilt-free and allows you to get to know yourself so much better!

A couple of ways you can begin to research what to eat include eating for your metabolic type or your blood type to help increase energy, lose weight, and simply function at a higher level. Have an open mind when you experiment with some of these theories. Even if you think those are bunk, there's always the good ol' 4-Day Energy Experiment I give you to see how you feel (what your energy level is) after eating certain types of food.

The most important thing to me is that my family, friends, and clients FEEL good. Unfortunately, many of us just cruise around every day not even realizing that we are a little tired, foggy, or crabby because that's just our normal every single day. It's sad, really. I hope you see the value in this, and I want you to just get curious this week! Experiment with different foods to see which ones give you good energy and which are an energy suck.

Here's to a new perspective on our bodies! Good luck!