Total Transformation: Set Up Conditions For Success

Happy Wednesday! Today I want to reiterate how you should be able to live life to the fullest while sustaining a healthy lifestyle. You should be able to go out with friends, have a drink, and dance your face off! I'm bias, but I really think this is what life's all about (see pic above from the night before I got married)! Having a healthy and balanced life is 100% doable, you just need to know how.

I want to introduce you to the biggest aspect of my health coaching program: The Total Transformation. This 90-day program is a highly effective way to achieve your goals in creating a stronger, leaner body, a clearer mind, and instill a confidence in yourself that you haven't had in a long time. No matter where you are in your life, this experience could be beneficial for you because feeling good inside of your own skin drives the majority of your emotional and physical well-being.

There are three main principles to the Total Transformation program, and they all work together to ensure you are successful in reaching your health goals. This 90-day "experience" works because it fosters an environment where you learn to take control of your own health, and you create habit change that will become your new normal; thus, no more diets or going back to old ways that make you feel like boo boo.

Let's dive in to the first "step" in this process of transformation. You must set up conditions for inevitable success.

Seems obvious, right? However, many of us get stuck right here because we know exactly WHAT to do, we simply don't do it or we have no idea HOW to do it. If you had to guess, what percentage of people lose weight only to gain it back within 6 months? Drum roll please... 98%. That's CRAZY! As a person whose weight constantly fluctuated in the past and who spent the majority of her life wondering why I couldn't lose weight or keep it off, this hits really close to home. I am not surprised by that statistic; however, it makes it no less piercing that so many are struggling with this issue.

We need to change our perspective as a society and stop focusing so much on dieting because, I hate to break it to ya, it's not working. Let me say that again: Diets don't work. Never have, never will.

When you set up conditions for inevitable success, the follow through becomes easy! This step in the process of creating a healthier lifestyle and feeling better in your own body is essential because without it, you'll fall back into your old ways. The reason diets don't work is because they don't mesh very well with having a fun, fullfilled life. Sometimes it feels like you have to choose between being healthy and being social or having fun! This doesn't have to be the case! For example, you can go to vineyards and enjoy some vino (and a ton of cheese) with your sisters because you treat your body with respect and feed it nutrient-dense foods 90% of the time. You should be able to have treats every once in awhile (that's what makes it a treat) without that "Oh, I shouldn't have indulged like that," feeling afterwards. Life needs to happen, y'all.


As your health coach, we figure out how losing weight, lowering your blood sugar, or getting rid of the belly bloat fits in with family, friends, holidays, parties, vacations...LIFE. Together, we come up with specific action steps that are sustainable, easy, and fun that will also launch you toward reaching your desired weight, flat tummy, or renewed energy! This is insanely empowering and will allow you to take charge of this area of your life without compromising anything else (ie, relationships, work, etc).

I hope this resonates with you because I really feel like this is a game-changer for so many of us. And hey! This is only one part of the 90-day program! I will dive deeper into the other two parts over the next two weeks. If you are curious about the program or you want to discuss more about your health goals, I would love to give you a free consultation. You can email me at diana@dianahealthcoach.com to set up a time.

Here's to you being worth it!!