One Simple Change: Dessert Options

I have big news that I think you'll love!! The simple truth is:

Eating sweets every day is okay! Seriously, indulge that sweet tooth and give your body what it wants!

Ooookay, you know there's a caveat.

Obviously not all sweets are made alike. Some are naturally sweet, some are not, but our body doesn't discriminate when it comes to time to craving those delicious treats. Our body tends to crave sweets at specific times because our blood sugar dropped and it need a quick energy boost.

When this happens, our extremely intelligent body knows the absolute quickest way to spike it back up is to get some sugar. Unfortunately, what it doesn't know is that this little rush won't last long, and right after the blood sugar spike, there will be a crash, and you'll be right back where you started. It's science. :)

Let's break it down in layman's terms. Products that have a lot of sugar usually don't have much protein, fiber, or fat (which all slow down sugar absorption). When the sugar enters the system, your brain releases insulin to regulate the sugar spike and create a balance. Often times, too much insulin is secreted, then our blood sugar dips way down again. Sometimes it's so bad, we can get shaky, spaced out, or uncomfortable (read: after a large quantity of caffeine or a big dessert).

There are a couple of disadvantages when too much insulin is released:

  • Insulin likes to take the excess sugar to your brain, blood cells, and your muscles, and then it stores as fat. As if I needed help with that?
  • When you produce insulin to regulate your blood sugar, you cannot produce glucagon, your fat-burning hormone! Are you kidding me?

I mean, I get it. When we are stressed, tired, or emotional, reaching for a dessert or treat is way easier than actually confronting a stressor (and way more pleasurable).

What if we can give our body what it's really craving (a quick energy boost via a sweet treat) without doing a lot of damage? Here are a handful of great options for desserts and sweet snacks that may satisfy but won't leave you feeling tired and icky an hour later. Have fun with it, but most of all...enjoy it!