My 2017 Goals

Many people are starting to shift their perspective about making New Year's Resolutions because they are noticing that when they make a resolution, they seem to do well with their intentions through (maybe) the end of February. Instead of resolutions, I want to encourage you to think about making concrete goals for yourself. Check out the meanings of each word...

  • Resolution definition = a position arrived at after consideration
  • Resolution synonym = intention, decision
  • Goal definition = the end toward which effort is directed
  • Goal synonym = purpose, objective

Goals are about the effort and end. Which I interpret to mean it's not only about obtaining that objective, but also about the journey or path you took to get there! Let's make a resolution this year to make goals instead of resolutions. :)

I was so excited to spend a couple of hours the other night looking at The Oola Wheel (highly recommend) and analyzing the 7 "F"s of my life: Faith, Friends, Fun, Field (Career), Finance, Fitness, and Family. I rated each area from 1-10 based on how satisfied I was with my current situation. Although I didn't have any revelations about which areas I wanted to work on more this year, it was incredibly motivating to see it all laid out like this!

From there, I used The Wheel to launch my goal setting session using the SMART strategy. This is where I had some revelations! It took some time and proved to be such a rewarding experience, and I couldn't be more motivated to work toward and accomplish these goals this year!


What Is My Current Situation (Full Disclosure)?

I'm going to be vulnerable in this post, and I'm planning on laying it all out there. This is a screen shot of my wheel, and as you can see, I am pretty darn satisfied with the consistent nourishment of the following areas of my life: Family, Faith, and Friends. I feel like all of these are focused on relationships, and that is something I've been blessed with the gift of nourishing; therefore, it wasn't a surprise that I felt like they needed the least amount of focus.

Fitness, Finance, Field, and Fun are a different story right now. These guys are not consistently nourished in my life, and there are days when it's more obvious that I need to figure out how to spend time making them more of a priority! The interesting thing about these areas is that I can pinpoint a specific time in my life where all of these except Finance would've been a 10! When I think about those times, I can't help but feel the sides of my mouth turn up into a smile. I am flooded with memories of a "me" that was flexible and had great lung capacity and endurance (Fitness), that was confidently teaching and mentoring middle schoolers in the classroom (Field), and a Diana that was jumping off a 30-foot waterfall in Costa Rica (Fun). The coolest thing I realized is THAT'S STILL ME TODAY!

I still have that body that is capable of being that flexible and strong, I still give 100% of my heart to what I'm pursuing as a career, and although I'm not jumping off cliffs, I am planning fun trips with friends and family and racing plasma cars down hills with my kids...so I know I haven't lost all my mojo! I just need to focus on executing a plan of action in order to increase my abilities in each of these areas. The more I nourish, the healthier they will be. It's up to me.

What Are My Goals (i.e., How Will I Nourish These Areas)?

Time to break it down and figure out how to better nourish these areas. Remember, I used the SMART strategy to create these goals, so they are more focused and obtainable.


  • Goal = to become more flexible, increase my strength/endurance, lose excess skin from 2nd pregancy
  • Plan of action = go to our Rec Center 3x/week at 8pm after kids go down, do Yoga With Adriene 1x/week, decrease dairy in my diet


  • Goal = to make at least as much as I did while teaching by December 2017, to have a CPA doing our taxes, putting more into our ROTH
  • Plan of action = marketing Wellness With Diana in creative ways, sharing the business side of Young Living more boldly, meeting with CPA before end of January 2017


  • Goal = "For God did not give you a spirit of timidity/fear, but a spirit of power, love, and self-control." I want to be bolder about sharing why I believe healthy living is essential for having a balanced and happy life.
  • Plan of action = Making more honest posts about my story (and others' stories) and how healthy living (diet, prayer/the Word, oils) have helped create a more balanced life for me and my family.


  • Goal = go on more trips with family and friends, say yes to & initiate more activities (girls' night out, date nights)
  • Plan of action = execute a date/place for sisters' weekend, plan and get a sitter for a monthly date night


  • Goal = spending time in the Word, be a part of a community group at church, serving in the church (not just attending)
  • Plan of action = Bible time with my daughter (she has her bible or uses an app on my phone) at 8am every day, meeting with a small group of friends in January to discuss logistics for starting our community group, bringing food on Sundays once a month

I hope this helps guide you and motivate you to review where you are in each of these areas of your life and encourages you to explore the same or similar process of creating goals for yourself. I hope you know where you are headed this year in order to create a lighter, happier, and more balanced you!!

If you ever want to discuss your health goals with me, I'd be happy to chat! Good luck!